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The perfect balance of teeth and gums for a harmonious smile.

Gum corrections are performed within the scope of medically necessary or esthetic gum surgery. A gum correction can help correct various malformations of the gums, such as excessive gingival display (so-called gummy smile), irregular or receding gums, and exposed tooth necks. Gum reshaping is frequently performed for medical reasons, as the recession of the gums exposes the sensitive necks of the teeth and this can lead to pain. The aim of the treatment is to create a harmonious appearance of the teeth and gums and to enable the patient to eat and drink without pain.

Gum correction ranges of application.

Here you can learn more about when gum correction is esthetically and medically advisable. We will of course be happy to advise you personally.

  • Teeth that appear too short or too long

If teeth appear too short or too long, this can be compensated for with gum correction, depending on certain conditions.

  • Exposed tooth necks

When the gums recede, the necks of the teeth are exposed. This can lead to cold-hot sensitivities and wedge-shaped brushing defects on the patient's teeth.

  • Inflamed gums

Inflammation of the periodontium - periodontitis. A typical indication that gum treatment is necessary is frequent bleeding of the gums, red, swollen and inflamed gums.

  • Loss of gingival papillae

When black triangles appear between the teeth due to the loss of gingival papillae.

What you as a patient should keep in mind after a gum correction.

In the first days after surgery, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with a disinfecting solution to prevent bacteria from entering the wound. To ensure that the wound heals as quickly as possible, you should avoid alcohol, nicotine, spicy food and hot drinks. After approximately one week, the stitches can be removed and from this point on, the wound healing process is considered complete.

Gum correction not only ensures the functionality of your teeth, but also restores their esthetic appearance. Schedule an appointment now at our dental practice in Bocholt and arrange for an individual consultation to discuss your dental concerns - our team will be happy to welcome you.

In good hands.

  • Harmonization

The optimal balance between teeth and gums: Red and white esthetics.

  • Minimally invasive procedures

No major surgical procedures required to achieve optimal results.

  • Low pain

Gentle surgical procedures allow for a quick recovery with few restrictions

  • Improved appearance

An optimal gum line enhances the appearance of your teeth.