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Tooth preservation is our top priority.

In the past, the options for preserving a diseased tooth were limited, but today things are quite different. In the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center's modern endodontics department, we use the most advanced medical technology so that even severely inflamed and damaged teeth can be preserved with root canal treatment. After all, your own teeth are irreplaceable.

Endodontics for tooth preservation.

The aim of root canal treatment is to clean the root canal system as thoroughly as possible. Root canal treatment can save even the most severely damaged teeth. Causes of inflammation of the root canal:


The most common cause of root canal treatment is caries. The invading bacteria cause the destruction of the tooth substance. Root canal treatment removes the bacteria from the inside of the tooth or its roots.


If the root of the tooth becomes inflamed due to the bacteria that have penetrated it, severe pain can occur. If not treated in time, the bacteria can penetrate into the bone and in the worst case lead to severe illness. To prevent this, it is important to treat the infected tooth at an early stage.


Root canal treatment may also be necessary if parts of the tooth have broken off. Root canal treatment therefore enables the tooth to be further treated with dental prostheses.

Root canal treatment procedure

At the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center, treatment of the affected tooth begins with an X-ray to obtain a more detailed understanding of how the inflammation is progressing within the root canal. A local anesthetic makes the treatment itself absolutely painless, so that you as a patient can simply sit back and relax in our dental practice in Bocholt. Our experienced dentists remove inflamed tissue, rinse the root canals with a disinfecting solution and then close them again with a special filling material so that no new bacteria can enter the tooth. Modern equipment and the most advanced technologies make it possible to clean and restore the tooth extensively, so that you can smile brightly and without pain once again.

Are you suffering from toothache? If so, please do not hesitate to make an appointment at our modern dental practice in Bocholt. Our team of expert dentists will advise you individually and in a targeted manner for optimal treatment results.

Benefits of root canal treatment.

Nothing is more important than preserving your own tooth structure.


The visual appearance is preserved.

No surgery

Elimination of the need for surgical intervention or an operation.

Lower cost

Dental prostheses are usually more expensive than rescuing and restoring a patient's own teeth.

Tooth conservation

It is well worth saving your own teeth.