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Single tooth implants can be used to perfectly and esthetically conceal the loss of individual teeth. At Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center, our experienced dentists perform single-tooth implant procedures when teeth have fallen out due to accidents or dental diseases, such as periodontitis or caries.

The single-tooth implant consists of an implant firmly anchored in the jawbone and the visible dental prosthesis. The advantage? Tooth gaps can be effectively closed using this method. The dental prosthesis that is screwed to the implant, in the form of a bridge or a crown, is indistinguishable from the color of your natural teeth and provides a highly esthetic appearance so that you can smile brightly again.

Placing single tooth implants

The procedure is a surgical approach, which requires first ensuring that the patient has sufficient bone substance so that the implant can be stably fixed in place. If this option is not possible, the jawbone is rebuilt by means of bone augmentation prior to the actual surgery.

When placing single-tooth implants, a small incision is made in the jawbone to expose the bone. This is followed by the use of a special drill to create sufficient space for the implant. Afterwards, the implant is inserted. In the weeks that follow, the implant has to heal before the final prosthesis is screwed to the implant.

Pain during treatment?

The treatment is performed under local anesthetic and is therefore absolutely painless for the patient. A few days after the treatment, there may be a slight sensation of pressure and pain around the implant, but this will quickly pass and you will be completely pain-free after only a few days. The application of the latest technologies enables precise and stable treatment results, allowing our patients to smile again with confidence and radiance.

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