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Dental implants  

A gentle treatment for healthy teeth - finally being able to chew, laugh and relax again.

Flawless teeth are no longer a privilege. If you have lost teeth or your tooth substance is severely damaged, we will do everything we can for you - and have been doing since 1992! With implants, we make sure that you can chew, laugh and speak again without any worries.

What are implants?

Implants function as artificial tooth roots in the event of tooth loss and are made of titanium or zirconium dioxide. Sufficient bone substance is required for implants to be placed in the patient's jawbone. If the bone has already receded due to tooth loss, bone augmentation is required to ensure that the implant is stable. After the implant has healed, it is screwed in place with a high-quality dental prosthesis. They are durable, stable and biocompatible and restore chewing function. Furthermore, implants create a highly esthetic dental appearance and are visually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The ranges of application of implantology.

Our implant-supported dentures are versatile and individually customized. We would be more than happy to advise you on the right type of treatment for you, what costs may be incurred or may be covered by your health insurance. Dental implants are suitable for:

Single tooth loss

The loss of individual teeth can be perfectly concealed with dental implants.

Loss of several teeth

The loss of several teeth can be perfectly concealed with dental implants. Advantage: Healthy teeth do not have to be ground down, as is the case with the creation of a dental bridge.

Toothless jaw

Dental implants can also securely connect entire dentures to the jaw. There are various fixed or removable options here.

Wobbly prostheses

Existing dentures can be remodeled and firmly and securely anchored in the jaw with implants.

An implant gives you the following advantages.

Better sense of taste:

If dental implants are placed in the jawbone to secure dentures, the annoying palatal plate can be dispensed with all together. This is certainly an advantage as the palatal plate restricts the sense of taste.

Optimal esthetics:

There is no difference to your natural teeth. The implants themselves are invisible to others and represent the most natural form of dental prosthesis.

Worry-free dining:

Implant-supported prostheses are securely and firmly fixed in the jaw. There is no need for additional retaining elements as is the case with conventional dental prostheses.

No pressure points:

Implant-supported dental prostheses are manufactured with greater filigree craftsmanship than conventional ones, which means that fewer pressure points can occur in the mouth.

Pleasant to speak with:

Implant-supported dentures help to maintain your natural pronunciation.

Safe dental implant planning:

Every dental implant procedure is planned digitally in advance using special software. We establish the perfect position of the dental implants in the jawbone in advance, ensuring that surrounding vascular and nerve structures are protected.

Natural chewing feel:

Implant-supported prostheses blend naturally into your overall appearance and have a genuine feel.

Minimally invasive procedure:

A dental implant positioning splint is created on the basis of the digital plan. The splint serves as a navigation aid to ensure the exact positioning of the dental implants. This also eliminates the need for major surgical incisions.

Why not make an appointment at the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center and benefit from an in-depth consultation with our team of experts - we look forward to welcoming you!