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Radiant perfection made to measure!

Veneers - nature-identical ceramics to meet the highest demands.

Our veneers are thin, hand-layered and made especially for your teeth. They are made of high-quality and sustainable material ceramic. This means that you can not only count on getting that "apple bite" result, but also on a nature-identical finish to your smile. Every single patient gets a unique and individual solution. Our dental technicians always work by hand with the highest precision and degree of individuality to achieve the perfect shape and matching color. Celebrities and entrepreneurs make up many of our patients - a wonderful endorsement of the work that we do.

Radiant teeth with veneers. Ranges of application.

Our veneers are individually manufactured and created from high quality ceramics based on our unique concept. Find out more about the range of applications of our innovative technique for restoring your naturally beautiful smile.

  • Correction of the anterior tooth area

Veneers effectively “hide” small gaps in the anterior tooth area in a relatively quick and effective process, and are a good alternative to orthodontic treatments, which can be very time-consuming.

  • Restoration of tooth substance

Have you chipped a tooth? In addition to the color, veneers can also correct the shape of the teeth.

  • Tooth lengthening

Are your own teeth too short or too long? Veneers can correct not only the color of the teeth but also their length - for a harmonious and radiant smile.

  • Combination with tooth misalignments

Veneers are also suitable for correcting slight tooth misalignments. They can be used to conceal slight misalignments, small gaps or slight dental defects.

Benefits of veneers:

  • Direct whitening of the teeth
  • No need for long-term and externally-visible orthodontic treatments
  • Immediate concealment of cracks, gaps, misalignments and discolorations
  • Minimal tooth preparation and long-term preservation of the natural tooth structure
  • Ceramic veneers are stable, esthetic and stain-resistant

Veneers are durable and last on average between 7 and 15 years. Are you interested in having highly esthetic teeth to give you a confident and radiant smile? Schedule a consultation at the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center - we look forward to welcoming you!

Veneers ensure:

  • Complete tooth substance preservation

No loss of natural tooth substance.

  • A strong hold

Our procedure ensures an optimal adhesive bond to the natural tooth enamel.

  • Color & shape correction

We use minimal layer thicknesses to achieve optimal color & shape corrections.