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At the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center, we are committed to achieving the best possible treatment results for our patients by using the latest technology to determine the exact position in the patient's jaw before placing the implants. An implant replaces the natural tooth root and offers the highest level of stability when speaking, eating and chewing. To ensure that the implant can be screwed perfectly into the jawbone, we utilize digital imaging techniques in order to make our diagnosis as detailed as possible and to carefully plan the minor surgical procedure.

Use of digital 3D models

In our modern dental practice in Bocholt, we use a technique known as digital volume tomography (DVT), which creates three-dimensional images of the jaw in order to obtain the best possible and most detailed assessment of our patients' dental situation. In the process, our experienced dentists assess the bone supply as well as its quality and the route of the individual nerve tracts so that the procedure can be performed as precisely as possible.

A digital volume tomography scan involves a 3D X-ray device.  When the X-ray images are taken, the patient wears a template with markings in the jaw. These help to be able to plan the subsequent positioning of the implant. The images take only a few seconds and are then converted by the computer and the result is displayed on the screen as a 3D model. The dentist can then take information relating to the surrounding gums, nerve tracts, residual dentition and jawbone into account when preparing the plan for the implant.

This procedure provides our patients with a great deal of certainty and satisfaction following successful treatment. Arrange an appointment at the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center and benefit from the extensive and professional advice of our experienced dentists. We take all the time we need to analyze your personal dental situation and implement your concerns, wishes and requirements. The goal of our team of experts? To ensure the long-term dental health of all our patients!