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With the help of removable or fixed dental prostheses, we are able to professionally reconstruct any missing teeth that our patients may have at the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center. Thanks to the latest technologies and high-quality materials, the artificial teeth are very esthetically pleasing and indistinguishable from natural ones.

It is important to close any existing gaps in the teeth promptly, as the surrounding teeth tend to shift into the empty space. It can also cause the opposite jaw to shift, which in turn can greatly affect the strength of the bite in the long term.

Fixed dental prostheses are surgically secured in place. These include crowns, bridges and implants. Removable dental prostheses offer the possibility of replacing missing teeth without fixing them completely in the jaw. These are mainly prostheses and partial replacements that facilitate chewing and speaking and restore the function as well as the esthetics of the periodontium.

We work closely with our own dental laboratory to ensure that the prostheses are of the highest quality and fit perfectly. Our experienced dentists will provide you with an individual consultation and help you to bite firmly and smile confidently again. Your individual concerns and wishes are always taken into account and included in the planning and design of the dental prosthesis.

Have you lost a tooth because of an accident or a tooth extraction? Schedule an appointment at our modern dental practice in Bocholt and allow our team of experts to look after you with professionalism and dedication - we look forward to welcoming you