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No-prep veneers  


A non-invasive procedure to satisfy the highest expectations.

The Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center brings together pioneers in the field of esthetic dentistry. No-prep veneers are ultra-thin ceramic veneers that are bonded to the anterior teeth with the help of a special adhesive, creating the finest esthetic results. They correct misalignments with no need for long-term orthodontic treatment and make stubborn discolorations visually disappear in just one session. No-prep veneers are durable and possess the advantage that the healthy tooth substance can be completely preserved, as no preparation of the teeth is necessary.

In our intake process, we will advise you in detail whether veneers or no-prep veneers are the best solution for you. As one of the first clinics to pioneer this treatment, our experienced practitioners have been performing this esthetic procedure with no-prep veneers for many years. The treatment enables our patients to have esthetic dental restorations while fully preserving their natural teeth. Both international and domestic patients alike come to us seeking out our services because of this core skill that we offer. No-prep veneers follow the trend of esthetic dentistry to preserve as much of your own teeth as possible. You will always receive a custom-made product of the highest possible quality from us. Our founders have already been interviewed about this procedure by many international TV editors and magazines, such as the Dutch Vogue. We would be delighted to provide you with comprehensive advice on which solution best suits your needs.

When are no-prep veneers advisable?

There are numerous ranges of application for no-prep veneers. You can find an overview here.

  • No-prep veneers, correction of small gaps in the anterior tooth area

No-prep veneers effectively conceal small gaps in the anterior tooth areain a quick and effective procedure, and are a good alternative to orthodontic treatments, which can be very time-consuming.

  • Restoration of the tooth structure

Have you chipped a tooth? In addition to the color, no-prep veneers can also correct the shape of your teeth.

  • No-prep veneers, tooth lengthening

Are any individual teeth too short? No-prep veneers can be used to visually lengthen teeth that are too short. For an even and natural-looking tooth arrangement.

  • Combination with tooth misalignments

Another area of application for no-prep veneers is the combination with orthodontic treatment using our invisible Ca® Clear Aligner splints. After completing the treatment to straighten your teeth, minor corrections can still be made using the no-prep veneers.

You are welcome to make an appointment at the Dental Center Kleinsman / Varzideh and have an individual and professional consultation with our experienced dentists - we look forward to welcoming you!

Your advantages.

  • Complete tooth substance preservation

No loss of natural tooth substance.

  • Strong hold

Our procedure ensures an optimal adhesive bond to the natural tooth enamel.

  • Sensitive tooth necks

No-prep veneers are also suitable for treating sensitive tooth necks.

  • Color & shape correction

We use minimal layer thicknesses to achieve optimal color & shape corrections.