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Better dental health thanks to the ImplantSafe Center!

„A recent review study shows that about 25% of all implants show peri-implantitis after only 9 years and that about 70% of all implant patients suffer from inflammation and incipient bone loss around their implants, most of which go unnoticed.“ – German Oral Health Foundation

Inflammations in the oral cavity and especially in the jaw or under implants are serious occurrences and unfortunately often remain undetected for too long. There can be many reasons for implant inflammation, ranging from bacterial infections to overloading due to mechanical stress. Inflammation occurring at the implant may manifest itself as pain, swelling and redness of the surrounding tissue. The trouble is that in most cases the inflammation proceeds (at first) without any noticeable symptoms. However, if left untreated, it can lead to loosening of the implant and even to its loss. By the time the pain finally necessitates a visit to the dentist, the inflammation is usually already at an advanced stage and very unpleasant. This is not the way it has to be!

The ImplantSafe Center provides a preventive examination of the oral cavity and implants by means of the PerioSafe Pro DRS and ImplantSafe DR procedures. This can help detect periodontal disease or other inflammation at an early stage and ensure that treatment is more comfortable.

ImplantSafe DR

To prevent the development of inflammation at the implant, careful oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are important. However, even with the best care, inflammation may still occur around the implant. This is why early diagnosis and treatment are so important. The ImplantSafe procedure is the innovative method that detects inflammation around the implant at an early stage and allows for rapid treatment.

With a saliva test, the onset of inflammation around the implant can be detected up to 24 months before damage to the implant occurs. The test is simple and painless and has a predictive capability of 94%, which means it can diagnose inflammation early, before it causes more serious damage. This analysis, also called quantitative aMMP-8 analysis, goes beyond conventional diagnostic methods such as X-rays or clinical examinations. When the measured aMMP-8 enzyme level exceeds the range of 20 ng/ml, it points to the onset of active collagen destruction of the tissue, which is known as active periodontal degeneration (APD). The occurrence of periodontitis can be effectively prevented by preventive measures that are tailored to the patient's needs. In our practice, we typically ramp up check-up appointments in order to clean the gum pockets. At the same time though, your active participation and cooperation, through frequent dental visits and good oral hygiene, are also crucial to ensuring the continued success of your dental and implant protection program.

Early diagnosis of inflammation occurring around the implant enables targeted treatments and individual prophylactic measures to be taken. This can stop or significantly slow down inflammation around the implant. Clinical studies have shown that the ImplantSafe procedure can significantly reduce inflammation around the implant and thus contribute to its preservation.

PerioSafe Pro DRS

In our dental practice, we always strive to keep your natural teeth as healthy as possible. A key aspect of this is the timely detection of problems related to the gums and periodontium, such as periodontitis. This condition can be caused by bacteria or metabolic disorders and can impact your well-being and overall health. In order to detect these problems at an early stage, we have introduced the PerioSafe method. In the following news article, we outline what is behind the system and what advantages the use of PerioSafe has for patients.

Using PerioSafe, we can detect periodontal inflammation, especially in high-risk groups, which would otherwise initially go undetected and only become visible months or even years later when using conventional examination methods. The procedure allows us to closely examine your gums and the condition of the tissue by simply taking a saliva sample. When compared to conventional examination methods, this method is particularly effective and can detect periodontitis up to 250-300% more accurately than other common techniques. By measuring the enzyme aMMP-8, we are able to determine if your immune system has begun to break down the tissue around your teeth. If the aMMP-8 level is above 10 ng/ml, this is an indication that active collagen destruction is taking place. This is known as active periodontal degeneration (APD). This breakdown of tissue can trigger periodontitis and, in the absence of appropriate treatment, can ultimately lead to patients losing their teeth. Moreover, the bacteria that cause periodontitis can enter the body and exacerbate other health problems such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease or chronic lung disease.

Timely detection of periodontitis is crucial to halting the progression of the disease in the long term. Through PerioSafe, we can take steps to prevent collagen degradation and maintain your dental health. Besides regular dental cleanings, we will give you individualized oral hygiene recommendations and, if necessary, initiate targeted antibiotic therapy to fight bacteria.

PerioSafe's advantage is that it is a simple and pain-free way to monitor the health of gums. By taking regular saliva samples, we can accurately determine the condition of your gums and detect periodontitis early, well before you notice any symptoms yourself, such as bleeding gums or loose teeth. By detecting periodontitis early, we can take targeted measures to stop the inflammation and prevent the disease from progressing. With PerioSafe, we are therefore able to offer you the best possible dental care and help you keep your natural teeth and healthy smile for life.

The PerioSafe test allows us to perform enzyme diagnostics right from the dental chair in just 20 minutes. This allows us to rapidly and precisely determine the need for treatment based on the periodontal screening index (PSI). During the follow-up, a new test can be carried out to prove that the tissue degradation process has been reduced as a result of the treatment measures.

PerioSafe at a glance:

  • Simple and painless method for early detection of gum diseases such as periodontitis.
  • High predictive capability: Can detect periodontitis 250-300% more accurately than conventional methods
  • Early detection enables targeted measures to stop collagen degradation and maintain dental health
  • Regular saliva samples facilitate accurate monitoring of the condition of the gums
  • Early treatment can prevent symptoms such as bleeding gums or loose teeth
  • Reduces the risk of further health problems from bacteria caused by gum disease
  • Individual recommendations on oral hygiene and targeted antibiotic treatment can be administered quickly when needed
  • Helps preserve natural teeth and maintain a healthy, bright smile

If you would like to learn more about PerioSafe or would like to schedule a screening, please call, write, or drop by! We are here to answer your questions and to help you maintain your teeth and dental health.