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At the Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center, we use the so-called All-on-4 concept, a special field of dental implantology, to provide the best possible and sustainable treatment for patients who have lost their teeth in their lower or upper jaw. Our experienced dentists place 4 implants per jaw, onto which the prosthesis is then screwed.

For whom is the all-on-4 treatment suitable?

This procedure is particularly well suited for those patients who are looking for an uncomplicated and safe solution for fixed third teeth. The implants are placed in just one single session and are carried out in patients with an edentulous jaw in order to restore the entire dental arch. The method is comfortable, safe and completely stress and pain free. After only one treatment you will regain a confident, carefree smile and be able to continue with your everyday life as usual.

Advantages of implant-supported fixed third teeth:

  • Absolute security in everyday life. Due to the fact that the prosthesis is firmly anchored in the jawbone with implants, you do not need to worry when laughing, speaking and chewing.
  • Optimal use of the available bone supply
  • Avoidance of temporary edentulism with the help of temporary prostheses that are directly ready for use.
  • The method is suitable for patients suffering from anxiety, as significantly fewer appointments are required than with conventional implants

Ill-fitting and loose dentures are a thing of the past thanks to implants. Your smile and masticatory (chewing) system will be restored with the help of implants and fixed prostheses so that you can feel comfortable and confident again. Schedule an appointment at our modern dental practice in Bocholt now and allow our experienced team of experts to provide you with individual advice. The goal of our work? Patients should be able to laugh with confidence and regain the strength of their bite!